Become a Grouper

Interested in becoming a #Grouper? Groupers become a part of #TeamFish and are dedicated their very own personalized FishName! You will have access to finding other teammates when they check in on the #FishFinder. You’ll also get an exclusive subscription to The Reel, our monthly newsletter that features events, tips, product reviews, #Grouper Spotlights, and recaps of #TeamFish activities. Most importantly, becoming a #Grouper makes you part of the Fish Fam!

Fish blue
#TeamFish Bracelets

We have 2 packages available to chose from:

Grouper Level I (Minnow Package) – $35

When you sign up to become a Level I Grouper, you will be signed up for the Monthly Reel, full of updates on how the Team is performing across the country, tips from various athletes, and upcoming events/tournaments that you may want to participate in with us. The Monthly Reel will also feature a Fishlete of the Month, which will highlight the achievements and stories of our ever-growing FishFam, as well as a Grouper of the Month: a Grouper that exhibits outstanding support and love for all of the Fishies in our Fam!

You will also receive one blue “oFISHal” #TeamFish shirt with your personalized FishName on the back, 3 #TeamFish Bracelets, and 2 #TeamFish logo patches.

Grouper Level II (Bass package) – $65

When you become a Level II Grouper, you will receive all of the benefits of the Level I Grouper Package. Additionally, we’ll send you an oFISHal #TeamFish Branded Tackle box, stuffed full with accessories and #TeamFish swag to represent your place in the FishFam and give you the upper hand in your bowling. The Tackle box includes:

  • 1 8oz. Bottle of 30CleanR
  • 1 Guppy Gripper
  • 1 30 count pack of Real Bowlers Tape
  • 2 #TeamFish logo Patches
  • 3 #TeamFish Bracelets

A total value of $76, all included with your Level II Grouper Package!