Team Fish has entered into the PBA Team Challenge!

The inaugural PBA Team Challenge, inviting PBA players and all comers to put together a roster of five players for a team battle never before seen in the United States, has already produced some interesting combinations of players.

Among the first 15 teams entered are Team Fish, the Couch Potatoes, the unnamed “super team,” another unnamed team with a distinct international flavor, teams with pronounced regional ties, others with lots of collegiate experience, and it’s rumored an all-women’s team will be in the field.

Team Fish, as previously announced, includes five PBA players who like to have fun: Dick (FishStick) Allen, Kyle (AfroFish) Troup, Connor (FishFord) Pickford, Anthony (TwoFinFish) Simonsen and Kris (WickedFish) Prather while PBA Hall of Famer Jason Couch’s Couch Potatoes includes fellow lefty Ryan Ciminelli, Denmark’s Thomas Larsen, Ryan Shafer, Dave Wodka and Couch himself.

For more information on who is entered, check out the link to current team rosters:


Read the full article at pba.com: http://news.pba.com/post/2015/09/03/PBA-Spare-Shots-Inaugural-PBA-Team-Challenge-Roster-Features-Fish-Couch-Potatoes-More.aspx